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[Louisville] ZirMed Gateway Towers


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Twin towers planned on Market, Offices, condos set for parking lot


Facts --

1. $25 million project next to the Glassworks.

2. One 10-story building and another 12-story building.

3. ZirMed Gateway Towers, named after ZirMed Inc, a major tenant utilizing 40,000 sq. ft..

4. 35,000 sq. ft. of available Class-A office space.

5. 6,000 sq. ft. of restaurant space,

6. Room for one more major tenant,

7. 15-20 condos on top of each tower,

8. Spring construction with completion 18 months later,

9. 285-space parking garage will be constructed east of the towers,

10. Another parcel will be left unused and could host a hotel.

This is being developed on a vacant parking lot.

History of the Glassworks --

The first phase of the Glassworks development was completed in 2001 at a cost of $14 million. The renovated Snead Manufacturing building has eight levels, with three floors of offices, 33 apartments that will soon be converted to condos, and glass-blowing studios, art galleries and the Jazz Factory.

The second phase, which cost $2.5 million, renovated the old Goodwill headquarters, once a work-release jail. That phase, which also was completed in 2001, includes The Alumni's Hopps restaurant, formerly Big Hopps, and a connecting building with 45,000 square feet of offices and seven condominiums.

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The building is really starting to look great! I'm new, so I'm not entirely sure what the policy is on linking out, but Lizzie Morrison has some beautiful shots of the building's progress on her photography blog. You can see them HERE. The building's been topped off, the giant crane dismantled, and glass is being put up! This project is well on its way and I am quite excited for it!

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