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Mapping Public Transit in CT

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This article was published a few days ago:

If Connecticut continues on the prudent course it appears to be following, it won't be long before travelers can obtain small, folding color-coded maps showing how to get around the state without getting into private automobiles.

A 2003 study prepared for the state Transportation Strategy Board contains several such maps, showing possible expansions of transit service in regions of the state, including this one. Mapping the existing routes and possible expansions makes it easier to visualize how the state can escape its dependence on the automobile through a well-planned transit plan.

This is interesting:

The 2003 consultants' report showed Shore Line East in red, extending as far as Westerly, with bus routes in orange connecting New London and Old Saybrook to Hartford.

The significance of having commuter train service to Westerly is the long-range prospect of connecting the Connecticut commuter system with one evolving in Rhode Island that will provide service to the T.F. Green International Airport and to Massachusetts transit extending to Boston.

These are long-term goals that are under discussion and form the context of more immediate plans to expand Shore Line East service in this region, among other transportation issues before the legislature this year. The goal is a public transit system that will connect Connecticut cities not just with each other, but with Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.


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