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Downtown LA retail scene


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I have a five hour layover at LAX and would like to go to the Grove or another good retail destination in LA (via public transportation) as I truly enjoy shopping, but the only viable option (without having to take a bus from a random street corner) seems to be downtown LA. I see that there is at least one department store, so it must be at least decent for retail- worth a visit or would it be better to just wait at the United lounge at the airport?


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No, Downtown LA really has nothing unless you head to the garment district (wholesale), but even that's not advisable because it's next door to Skid Row.

Take the bus to Downtown Santa Monica. Not only is there a mall, but there's the Fourth Street Promenade, lined with upscale and semi-upscale shops. You're also right next to the beach and the pier. Plus, the bus ride will be 20 minutes max from LAX as it's right up the road.

I've been told that there's another good mall in Torrance, but you probably don't want to go out there.

Manhattan and Hermosa Beaches are also very cool, but those don't offer much shopping.

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i was stoked when i discovered that birmingham-based zoe's (which i thought had only a few AL locations) had opened a couple of locations in phoenix; maybe CA is next . throw a krispy kreme in your food court, too (though KK has become ubiquitous in CA these last...what? - 10? - years...)
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