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Archdale / I-77 Redevelopment


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Noticed some new signs on the morning commute - on Archdale right at I-77, apparently both sides of the street including the Lighthouse restaurant and a couple run down hotels. It's about time this area was improved - given the under 10min commute to downtown from there it will be interesting to see if there is a residential component.

I'll try to get a name/website on the way home, but if anyone knows anything- post away.

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From the site plan I don not see any renderings for the Hotel. Does anyone know if that is the portion of the development that will front the Interstate, and if so, how tall will this be?

FWIW, this is one hell of a make over for that area of town. :thumbsup: It defintaley will improve the unsightliness of that area from both Archdale and 77.


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This is one of the creepiest areas of southwest Charlotte. I avoid using that I-77 exit because the strange design it has - but the decaying buildings around here add to that aversion.

I've always thought it a waste, that the quite hilly landforms nearby, were used for cheap apartment complexes. Something much more interesting could have been built there that fits into the topography.

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