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State pushes wider I-75

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I more have an issue with freeways causing sprawl. I-675 caused everything that was undesirable, but most of the sprawl in Saginaw was never a direct result of the freeways, rather large multilane thoroughfares stretching out of the city. I-75 can go to 12 lanes for all I care.

This article is not very clear though. So we currently have 8 lanes from 475 in Flint, to a mile past Birch Run. The new proposal will continue the 8 lanes from Birch Run to Bridgeport. THEN, it will remain at 6 lanes for just a mere 5 miles, and then become 8 lanes again at 675? WTF, why don't they just do one big sweep. 8 lanes from Flint to Bay City.

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