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Virginia 2006 population growth


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One thing I find intriguing about this report is a glaring omission. In the column where it list cities/counties that grew by more that 10,000 form 2000-2006 Virginia Beach was not there. I find this very strange since in last years report Virginia Beach was listed as growing by more than 10,000 from 2000-2005. How is this possible? Is it a mistake?

Localities growing by more than 10,000, 2000-2005 Loudoun

Prince William








Virginia Beach

Localities Gaining More Than 10,000, 2000-2006 Loudoun Co.

Prince William Co.

Fairfax Co.

Chesterfield Co.

Stafford Co.

Spotsylvania Co.

Henrico Co.

Chesapeake City

Suffolk City

Frederick Co.

James City Co.

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Also, some interesting analysis of what it means from here.

While the population of Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria is growing, it is important to examine why. There are two components of population growth: natural (meaning births), and migration (people moving in). Inner, maturing suburbs are seeing their population grow not with migration (in fact, there
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That seems to have been a trend for the last 10 or 15 years. Hampton Roads gains population by births, not migration. I remember the first time I ever became aware of sprawl was when a story in the Pilot came out after the 2000 Census. It said something to the effect that more people moved out of HR than into HR during the 1990s, and those who stay are spreading out over a larger area.

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Wait a minute. If anything, the military is what has kept the population up. There have been lots of jobs added in the contracting space, which brought in lots of employees seeking jobs after the 9/11 fiasco.

You owe it to the gov't contractors for keeping things up. Outside of gov't contractors, we don't have that much of large business.

Of course there are the people cashing out of more expensive home markets such as Boston, MA and New York and moving here for the cheaper (to them) housing.

I expect more out-migration to take place, as costs of living have increased so rapidly for the area. If gov't spending is cut back then it might happen even quicker.

Loosing population isn't a bad thing.

It probably isn't pretty, but if you can find the #'s of kids being born below poverty level, I bet it's higher than you would expect.

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