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Visiting Minneapolis for the first time

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What is a must see, where do we eat , where do we go. We are staying at Graves 601 Hotel across from target center. We will only be in town 2 days then i go to st.cloud for business training.



Orlando, FL

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Are you relocating to St. Cloud or are you just training there? St. Cloud is absolutely nothing special. It's the one city in Minnesota that made it into the "worst places in America" book and is described as a sad, cultureless pit where people go to eat at all-you-can-eat buffets and get fat and then sluff around in sad depression.

The whole city is sprawled and situated on one long street, division, which is amazing considering the "metro area" has 150,000 residents. The congestion is horrible, there is no green space, and there are no ordinances about anything with businesses, set backs.. so it's nothing but endless parking lots with very few trees and massive signs that tower into the air above everything else.

I have absolutely not one good thing to say about St. Cloud. The city is like a conglomeration of eating establishments and strip malls where hicks converge to gorge themselves. And that's a pretty positive way of looking at it.

Minneapolis, on the other hand, is very nice. I would look at a previous thread for good suggestions.

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