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Should Bus Stops Stay or Go?


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Fewer bus stops, more rider complaints

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

The city has removed 84 stops in the past year, and that's just a start.

To make bus rides faster and improve safety, the city is evaluating its estimated 4,000 bus stops for possible removal.

After looking at just 294 bus stops in the past year, the city took down 84 and moved 13.

Some bus riders enjoy faster trips with fewer stops, but many residents are upset about losing the convenience of a nearby bus stop.

James Burke, chief of the Public Transit Division of city's Department of Transportation Services, said the stops are evaluated case by case with crews eliminating some that are mid-block, some that present hazardous traffic conditions or those that are close to other stops.

In general, the city is planning to place bus stops no more than 1,000 feet apart. "You should walk 500 feet or less," Burke said.

Although about a third of the bus stops already evaluated were eliminated or moved, Burke said that doesn't necessarily mean that a third of all stops will be removed.

The city explains the plan at the City Council and neighborhood board meetings, places ads in newspapers and posts signs at affected bus stops that say: "This bus stop is scheduled for removal."

The city wants to hear from people who have concerns about the decisions. "We're not saying that we're perfect," Burke said.

So far, the city has received 215 calls

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