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Pittsfield explores historic site policy


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Pittsfield Township has hired someone to develop a historic preservation master plan. As a result historic structures could be defined or people could get tax breaks for restoring them. The ordinance also could require certain standards for changes to historical buildings.

Here are some of Pittsfield's historic places:

1. Harwood Cemetery at Textile and Campbell Roads

2. Remains of the Town Hall School excavated archaeologically in 2003, at Morgan and Thomas Roads

3. Sutherland-Wilson Farmstead on Textile Road, west of State Road which is being renovated by the Pittsfield Historical Society.

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You know, what has been historic in Pittsfield has become eaten up by the city of Ann Arbor. I think it's good they are working to preserve stuff. They can start with their township hall building, which I've always been fond of. Not sure when it was built, probably early 40's or something.

It's hard for me to think of Pittsfield as historic though when office towers and research campuses comes to mind. The same goes for Southfield.

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While I agree a focus on historic preservation is good, Pittsfield needs an urban center that promotes organized single family home development. There's not a whole lot of that around Ann Arbor. It would be nice to see an URBAN extension of the city southward.

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