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Kalamazoo loosing out?


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I think it's important to note that these companies are staying in Kalamazoo County. A person can still work at the biotech firm mentioned in the article in Portage and live in Kalamazoo. Besides, if anything, this shows that Kalamazoo is really turning into a good place to start a modern, high-tech business.

If we can get that moniker to stick, and if we can get a whole bunch of new start ups, even if many or most of them leave, as far as the one's who stay are concerned you still have a net growth in high tech regional jobs, which overall is good for Kalamazoo.

I think this article is a sign of good news!

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I don't see it as a problem.

They left a business incubator (a good thing...this is what incubators are for) and moved to a commerce park.

Sure, it'd be better if they located downtown or something, but apparently they wanted the comfort only a bland, uninspiring office park can provide.

The good news is, a small business used the incubator for its intended purpose (start, grow, graduate to real office space) without leaving the area.

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