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Ally Charlotte Center (f/k/a Tryon Place) - 26 floors - 427'

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On 11/8/2020 at 5:13 PM, j-man said:

I hear you loud and clear because I’ve mentioned this about a year ago for exposed parking garages and columns that hold bridges for more greenery because they have implemented this idea in France I believe and it’s all over and looks beautiful. But I got side eyed for saying it but Uptown could definitely benefit off of this over what on most of them now. Especially a few blocks over 

Why would anyone side-eye this idea?  Like who are these people nay-saying, and for what purpose?

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I'd be like Ant Man and pee my pants if I was these guys:   

Long-time lurker (as in probably a decade plus), first-time poster.  Two pics of Tryon Place - construction on the tower itself and the JW Marriott site.   

So here's a new view of Uptown  from Ally....  pretty cool!

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I really think all that needs to happen is for *ONE* good example of this to be created in Charlotte, and then people can see for themselves how great they are. This is exactly the kind of thing where good governance should come in: The city should allocate funds to do this somewhere, and then the general public will realize it's not some goofy otherworldly idea, it's easily achievable, and then expectations will be raised in general, including for private developers building parking garages...

One thing I'm ultra reactionary about is graffiti--I despise it in all forms, anywhere, anytime--and I would love to see this deployed in graffiti-prone or -susceptible areas.  And since it's good for air quality (and maybe even a little for runoff and rainwater absorption--too soon??), it's a win-win IMO.

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