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Ally Charlotte Center (f/k/a Tryon Place) - 26 floors - 427'


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8 minutes ago, Madison Parkitect said:

Sounds like just bad design coordination to me. Theoretically MEP would be easier with prefab rooms because it's all just plug-and-play.

Well it was just the structure that was prefab, nothing else was. It was definitely a coordination fail though. The architect that was over the project was pretty green and a more senior architect that could better pull all the teams together didn't step in until the project was very far along.

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On 11/7/2021 at 10:13 AM, norm21499 said:

I am wondering the same. Would love for their crown to be lit up.

Agree! Even with the pictures previously posted, the crown adds so much color to the skyline at night, it really does feel needed. Hopefully they’ll begin lighting it up again.

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8 hours ago, Mgelbach said:


Ref: my comments on rooftops being utilized for green roofs, parks or even swimming pools--This final ramp up to the top deck could absolutely, at least in terms of space--again, not an engineer--be utilized for a pool. It slopes like a pool already... 

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4 hours ago, TheRealClayton said:

When someone ultimately tears down that deck to build a more permanent and useful building, you'll be happy. 

Are you able to elaborate at all? Are you saying that this deck was built with the intention of it being a temporary structure so that a third tower could be constructed on this land? 

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