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Prescott metro


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Decided this needed it's own thread. I had no idea how big this little area has been getting. If it keeps growing at these rates with this healthy an economy, It'll bypass Yuma and Flagstaff as AZ's 3rd largest metro area. What do you guys know about it?

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I really like Prescott. Stayed there a couple of times and have always really enjoyed hanging about the town. Lots of stuff to see and do, and the city itself is gorgeous. Called the most "Midwestern-looking" town in the state because of its streets full of old school architecture near Downtown. They also have an excellent brewpub right Downtown on the square, which itself is very active even during the evening.

Prescott-Prescott Valley-Chino Valley is referred to locally as the "Tri Cities" even though Chino Valley is technically a town.

The three are also quite different. Chino Valley is more of a trailer park/"Raising Arizona" sort of place (think Apache Junction but with less development and lots of pronghorns). Prescott Valley is a sprawl capital with an enormous retail center grouped around the highway. Prescott is an older town with a pretty significant tourist trade and some beautiful sites.

Verde River at Perkinsville (northwest of Prescott). Water source for the area:


Courthouse Square (that dance troupe took down my number and called me two weeks later to invite me to another performance):


West side of Courthouse Square:


Pronghorn grazing in Chino Valley:


A couple of more Chino Valley pics. I may have posted these before somewhere. I'm obsessed with the desolation there.



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Yeah, that's more northeast of Chino Valley, but it's still called "Chino Valley" as in the geographical feature.

Chino Valley is kind of the last bit of development along 89 until you hit Williams. I love that area though.

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The area is growing fast, and if done right, it could be model of how to grow, protect the environment (principles of smart growth etc) and be a wonderful area to live and work. Last time I went there, the towns did not touch. But the big issue is the water in this valley.

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