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Old mill towns closer to tech-boom riches

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Steering Mill Towns Closer to Tech-Boom Riches

The article features information about the redevelopment of many mill towns in Massachusetts. The high-tech craze has mainly bypassed these towns, sans for those that are within the Boston metro, but the low-cost-of-living among other factors are spuring interest in these areas. Interesting read!

The paper version had a graphic included.

Article information: "Steering Mill Towns Closer to Tech-Boom Riches, By THADDEUS HERRICK, February 26, 2007; Page A2, Wall-Street Journal"

Edit: The online version has the graphic as well.

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There was a similar article in yesterday's New Bedford Standard-Times:

Secondary Bay State cities neglected by Beacon Hill, study finds. New Bedford, Fall River 'continue to lose ground' [New Bedford Standard-Times]

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