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SoHos of tomorrow: Up-and-coming gallery districts

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For the articles, just connect to and look under the topic "Best Place for Artist in U.S."

Bzorch's links still work fine. Interesting articles. Sorry 'bout the nonfunctional ones. I'll kill the old ones.

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I attended a lecture at the Nashville Civic Design Center to discuss a program that paid artist to locate in a particular city in order to revitalize small or run-down portions of towns. It was pretty much determined that the same type of program couldn't happen here because there is no urban area that is depressed enough to be affordable to artist.

I got to looking around and thinking about where I would find a studio if I were so inclined. I found a spot within walking distance from my suburban house in a underutilized storefront in an under rented strip center. To me, it would the perfect spot. High ceilings, great light from a large storefront, heat, A/C (I have had many studios and never had one air conditioned), water and a toilet and the freedom to come and go and make as much noise as I please.

If I were still working as a painter I would find the worst strip center in the best neighborhood that I could afford and get all my friends to rent out spaces in the same center.

Shoot I would even promise the landlord that he could save the prime spots for the clothes stores and coffee shops that would be soon to follow.

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