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Nashville road names.


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Well, I'm a history buff and I love to share the little know facts.

I was inspired by comments in the 5th and Main thread about Dickerson Rd. to start this thred about road names.

Many road names are obvious. Murfreesboro Rd. leads to M'boro. Broadway is a "broad way" to get somewhere, etc, etc.

Some names are more mysterious. so here is a little history on one road in particular.

Granny White Pike was named by Civil War soldiers. As soldiers would travel south from Nashville on this road they would often stop at the home of a woman named Mrs. White. She would have a plethora of delicious food prepared for them. Quickly, word spread to Confederate and Union soldiers alike that if you travel down this road, you must make a pit-stop at "Granny White's" for a bite to eat. So the name stuck.

Also, the word turnpike come from early New England toll roads. These roads would have a toll booth with a "pike" that crossed the road in front of traffic. It's not sure if the term comes from the fact that the pike actually turned, or, that those who couldn't pay the toll had to turn around. However, you couldn't continue past this pike without paying a toll. Hence "turnpike".

I would love to hear other stories about road names, so please share.

P.S.- if this needs to be in the Coffee House feel free to move it.

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Well this isn't anything deep, but I'll say it beofre someone else does....

Old Hickory Boulavard is named after Andrew Jackson

Briley Parkway is named after the dude that unified Nashville city/county (I think!)

Hillsboro Road/Pike which runs to Franklin seems to be a misnomer to many, but it used to go to Hillsboro (thus why we now have Old Hillsboro Road) and in the early 20th century Hillsboro changed its name to Liepers Fork. When they rerouted the road they kept the name Hillsboro for both Old Hillsboro and the new one that goes to Franklin

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Who is I40, I65 and I24 named after? I wonder their story. I really am just joking nashvillwill. I think this is a cool topic and really does bring to light our past. I just could resist. I hope more will post. See everybody Sat.
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Franklin Road is named because it goes to Franklin (eat it Brentwood!! :tough: )

Demonbreun is named after Timothy Demonbreun, a pretty cool character that always reminds me of how multi-cultural Nashville has been ever since it was founded!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Demonbreun

Also, the Timothy Demonbreun House (even though it was just named in honour of him) in South Nashville is pretty cool, if you haven't been by it, check out the neighborhood while you're there. http://www.tdhouse.com/

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Interesting thread. I have often wondered where some names of city streets have come from. Some are obvious, many more are not unless you are a local history buff, so having locals share their knowledge of where the names come from is a great idea. Again...cool topic.

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