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Centerpointe Condo's


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I took a few pics of the Centerpointe Condo's going up in Tempe. Does anyone have any specifics on this project?

I've heard they are hella expensive. I know that when completed the towers will be the tallest in Tempe. They'll stay that way with the height cap put in place there. Tempe city council is so wise in understanding that a 300ft tall building will keep the city diverse, and charming so much more so than one that is 315ft.


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Holy crap! That's friggin' beautiful!

I thought it was going to be just generic, typical Arizona style architecture. That'll take up the prime spot in the Tempe skyline and give the "wow" factor that it needs.

Too bad we can't get something like that in Downtown Phoenix.

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god, mj, with all these renderings i feel like i'm cruising the atlanta topics. wtg tracking down these renderings - i always seem to be asking for them on other threads. good to see the projected growth in tempe that i only have been reading about.

and yeah, the design could have been much worse - nice.

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wow HX thanks. That's going to be pretty cool when it's done. Though I think Tempe will have a definate skyline, I think it will be full of holes and not dense. Who knows, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Centerpointe Condos stalled

Did anyone know this? I have been so busy with other things I had no idea that Centerpointe, was in Limbo. I wonder how it will all play out. I'm here in Michigan right now, where the economy has been bad for pretty much the whole decade, but you can't tell cause the people here are so used to it. But I see signs of it all over AZ! Who know back in '06 when things were still peachy keen, that we'd have so much unused retail. And unfinished projects. In this case both the developer and the financier are in bankruptcy, and they are fighting on how it should be done.

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