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Innovative Green Building Ideas


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I read about an innovative design for a London skyscraper in Treehugger that incorporates wind-driven turbines to produce power for the tower's common areas. The shape of the building acts to funnel wind to the centrally located turbines. It also looks to have green roofs/terraces every so many floors.

What other ingenious ideas are out there for self-sustaining urban buildings?

Read about the Skyhouse here and here.

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Sustainable dirt floors, insulation made of old denim, and bioswales.

In NYC, the Hearst Building uses water from the roof as a fountain to humidify the space and for the toilets. Ingenious.

That building in London looks amazing. I hope the US catches up soon and starts leading the world in sustainability.

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I saw a presentation on this project at last year's Congress for the New Urbanism conference.

Dockside Green

A few of their strategies can be found in the environmental sustainability section. Some ideas presented were harvesting rainwater and greywater for reuse (and provided wetlands within the development which contribute aesthetically); energy efficiency using 55% less energy; creating renewable energy sources (at the presentation, it was mentioned some energy would be sold back to the grid and provide revenue for the community). Just a few, more info is on the site. It seems to be a very good project and will be well worth following to see if it lives up to expectations.

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Here is info on earthen flooring, although I admit I'm skeptical of them myself.


Other ideas that seem to be recent innovations would be:

- waterless urinals

- nontoxic pressure treated wood

- thin-film solar panels

- tankless water heaters

- cogeneration equipment where heat and electricity can be generated from biofuel with tank systems similar the old-skool oil heating tanks

- non-toxic upholstery

- low/no voc paint/adhesives

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