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Why was my global warming/hartford discussion locked?


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I actually think it was an interesting idea. From a global perspective, I am quite concerned about global warming. But, say it does happen--I mean, it is, but say the predictions come true--there will be winners and losers. Places that fall into the ocean: clear losers. Places that get close to the ocean, better climates: winners. I don't think this means we should embrace global warming, but I do think it's interesting to think that Hartford might be a city folks flock to because of its temperate climate and proximity to the sea. Oh, and if the casinos go under water, perhaps we can bring those up here, too!

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I can't see a downside. It would make the summers longer and the winters shorter. That's a plus.

The rising seas level might raise the level of the river but most of the city is well above any predicted rise. It should make the river wider and deeper at Hartford and enhance its recreational qualities.

I think Hartford could be a big winner in a global warming scenario, Springfield too. It probably wouldn't be good for New Haven. Hey, maybe Hartford could get Yale.

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I think it is a legitimate discussion to discuss how global warming would affect Hartford. I also think it was the wording of the original thread that suggested there was nothing wrong with global warming since the suffering of others would lead to Hartford's gain that got that thread closed. It immediately led to a member getting suspended for breaking the rules with insults.

Keep in mind that if global warming reaches the levels prediced for it in the next century, storms, flooding, and intolerable temperatures would affect most of the state.

If you want to seriously examine this issue, I would recommend that you create a topic that would set the conditions and then ask how it might affect the city/state.

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