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Arlington Market - Admirable grayfeild redevelopment

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The following is a quality grayfeild redevelopment which just recently received approval for the redevelopment of a derelict shopping center into a mixed retail and residential development - Arlington Market

Here are some pictures of the property currently:







From the developer's website:

The Elliott Group, Inc. has proposed a re-development of Arlington Market that will include 110 condominium units, 54 townhomes and about 40,000 square feet of retail space.

Overall site plan

1st building of retail portion

2nd building of retail portion

5 story condo buildings

Detached townhomes

This development is going to be good for this section of the municipality (though there are no problems now), and will be a showcase example of grayfeild redevelopment.

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Looks pretty good considering what is there now, but Retail Building B should be flipped so that it fronts Kennsington Avenue and the parking moves behind it. The Boulevard the Townhouses sit on should run through to Kennsington Avenue to create a through street, it is currenlty a culdesac.

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