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[Louisville] RiverPark Place


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Ground broken on RiverPark Place

Key points --

1. $200 million project.

2. 621 condominiums and apartments (that's a lot!)

3. A marina

4. Restaurants

5. Retail

6. Offices

7. Park space

8. 6 buildings total

It is just east of Waterfront Park @ Frankfort Avenue.

Article information: "Ground broken on RiverPark Place, The Courier-Journal, Friday, March 2, 2007"

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Historic facade moving again

Key --

1. The stone and brick facade of the historic Heigold House (which has inscriptions that date to the Civil War), is being moved from the RiverPark Place property to Frankfort Avenue.

1a. It will be moved to a temporary site, then will be placed in the median of a four-lane Frankfort Avenue -- serving as a gateway into Butchertown.

2. The building is a 70,000 lb. structure that is 26 ft. high and 35 ft. wide. It will be moved next week, then to Frankfort Avenue by early summer.

Here is another thread on RiverPark Place with renderings and additional information.

Article information: "Historic facade moving again, It will be entry to Butchertown; By Sheldon S. Shafer, The Courier-Journal, Friday, March 30, 2007"

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Historic facade starts first leg of big move

The article includes an image of the facade being moved.

Key --

1. The facade has been a 'fixture' along River Road since 1955.

2. It will become a signature entrance to Butchertown once it is moved to Frankfort Avenue's median -- once the road is widened.

3. It is being moved a short distance west today until some power lines can be moved.

4. It will move to a tmeporary spot in a nearby Waterfront Park parking lot until it can move to its final home later this summer.

Article information: "Historic facade starts first leg of big move, Friday, Courier-Journal, April 6, 2007"

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Louisville sues to block church's claim to land

Personal note: Why did the church wait this long when the project has been known and alive for years? It seems as if they want the money... at a time when they really need it.

Key --

1. Louisville has filed a lawsuit to block any claim by the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky. The Diocese has claimed two small parcels at two acres in the center of the 38-acre $200 million RiverPark Place development.

2. The claim of ownership won't disrupt the residential and office development, stated The Poe Cos. -- the developers -- who also noted that they are proceeding with construction.

2a. The affected parcels include a planned five-story residental tower (64 residences) and a planned second phase of development.

2b. The state widened River Road through a portion of the second parcel without any question about 'ownership'.

3. The parcels were donated by the family of S. Thurston Ballard in 1919 and 1925 as part of Thruston Park -- under the condition that if the land ceased to be used as a park, playground or for recreation, it would revert to the diocese.

3a. However, under an agreement with the Poe Cos., the city promised to provide land for RiverPark Place.

4. Negotions between the city and the diocese broke off last week. When the discussions failed, the city filed the lawsuit seeking to clear the title off the two parcels and conclude with a ruling that the diocese had no claim to them.

4a. The city states that any claim to the land lapsed long ago and that any such property rights cannot endure indefinately.

4b. The lawsuit also states that the land is prone to flooding and that other property at RiverPark Place has been designated open space and park land for public use.

4c. The diocese has stated 'our parishes have unmet needs which the Ballards' gift could help serve'. My note: Why did they not do anything with the land for the preceding 60+ years?

4d. The diocese is willing to negotiate for a 'fair price'.

Article information: "Louisville sues to block church's claim to land, By Sheldon S. Shafer, The Courier-Journal, Thursday, April 19, 2007"

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Developer to get waterfront award (Map of project)

By Sheldon S. Shafer, The Courier-Journal, September 21, 2007

The Poe Companies was the recipient of the 2007 Silver Anchor Award. The award is presented annually by the Friends of the Waterfront, a non-profit support group of the Waterfront Development Corporation, to a person or entity that advances the development of Louisville's riverfront. The Poe Cos. is currently constructing the $200 million RiverPark Place project near Beargrass Creek across from Towhead Island. It is adjacent to the Waterfront Park.

RiverPark PLace is a 42-acre development that will feature 621 lofts and townhomes with prices ranging from $139,000 to $1.5 million, and will include a marina with 150 boat slips, restaurants, retail shops, a fitness center and offices.

The Silver Anchor has been awarded annually since 1992. Past recipients have included Abramson, former Mayor Dave Armstrong, former U.S. Reps. Romano Mazzoli and Anne Northup and waterfront benefactors.

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