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Everyone seems very concerned about the ecosystem, and preservation of it for the future. This discussion is taking place in numerous threads, well here, consolidate your efforts, and remember:


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Ok I've decided to start. I have a beef with Scottsdale, I know big suprise. I want to know why the leadership in that city, is so opposed to having LRT run thru the downtown area. It would seem our most suburb of suburbs, would benefit more than mildly by having some form of mass transit running thru it. Not only from a utility perspective, but also from an astetics perspective. In one of the most competitive cities in the valley, that's lagging behind Tempe in appeal, They will very well start losing out on some of these developements they are gunning for. Hell they could even lose some to, Mesa, the valleys sleepy giant. Scottsdale residents like things sometimes simply for the fact that they are trendy, and LRT certainly is trendy. Having LRT run along Scottsdale Rd. would give it a certain trendy look. But keeping all forms of mass transit out, is Scottsdales way of telling us they are to good for the rest of the valley, they are too good for regionalism, and they can keep it. If you ask me mass transit would open up a whole slew of opportunities for them to increase the labor pool of their "hired help". But for now Scottsdale, one day karma will come, and karma will bite you in the ass for being to good for gentrification. Just remember, you certainly are not the only exclusive community in this country. You're one of many, and you're not special.

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