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Paris Mountain


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I know there was a discussion around here about Paris Mountain, the broadcast towers, etc. I couldn't find it so I started this new thread. I took this photo late yesterday afternoon of the top of the mountain where the greatest cluster of towers are as a reference for this group.


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I never noticed the fire tower until I took that photo. I'm not a broadcast engineer but I wonder if they could combine the broadcast towers, fire tower, etc. into one structure? I'd love to have a place their with an observatory and resteraunt like the Seattle Space Needle except something that would scale better with the mountain and fit with the culture and history of the area? I have fond memories as a child of going up there with my dad and uncle after a thanksgiving supper one year to view the city lights. I was little disappointed when I was in scouting and they said we were going on a hike to the top but it wasn't where the towers were it was the top in the park side. In college I had some people in my dorm drive up to a place they called the witch house or devil worshiping center and mentioned however the car batteries dies up there. Don't know if it's witches but maybe the Dharma Initiative has a place there! ;)

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