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Broadway Historic District?


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I'm not too familiar with that area either, but I didn't realize there was much up there to preserve. The article is pretty vague, too.

Maybe I'll take a drive up there this weekend and take a look.

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So this DOES include Lowertown right?

I'm just waiting for the day DTE decomissions that power station near the broadway bridge. Can you imagine the fight that will erupt as people try to buy that building? I really don't care much for the houses, but that power station has so much potential.

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That whole area has potential!

I see this as being extremely positive for the Broadway neighborhood... kind of way of extending the success of Kerrytown North.

My only reservation is with regards to the new Lower Town Development supposedly happening on the east side of Broadway at the old Kroger site. If it does still include that area, I'm wondering if a new historic designation will add to the red tape in it's way making the project too expensive for the developer(s) and possibly derailing it. If this is a valid concern, perhaps it would be prudent to wait until it's officially off the ground to pass the measure.

I'm not too worried about it preventing new mid/high rises in the area as I am of the opinion that that kind of development is best suited a little further south of the area we're talking about... well, as long as the district doesn't extend beyond Thayer. I'm still a little peeved about Glen Ann.

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