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proof of extraterrestrials?

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Here is a very interesting documentary that premiered last week which shows evidence of ancient artificial structures on the far side of the moon. The "structures" are enormous, They are so large in scale, man could not have possibly have built them if they are real. It appears to be an ancient mining operation and researchers have suggested Helium 3 is the richest element on the moon. Helium 3 can be used as a power source and just a small amount of it can power a small country for over a year. The ancient Sumerians believed That a race of humanoid gods called the Annunaki came to earth and created man by mixing their DNA with native apes on the planet. They believed we were created as a slave race to mine for "gold". If there is indeed evidence of an ancient mining operation on the moon could there be some truth to these ancient stories? In the documentary, the second man who walked on the moon, Buzz Aldrin was interviewed and when asked about NASA images showing structures and crashed alien craft on the moon, he refused to say anything about it and would not look at images the shows producers were trying to show him. Another piece of footage in the documentary shows a planet sized craft or object at the surface of the sun and it appears to be sucking up plasma, then the object zips away. this is a must see documentary.



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I have found this extremely interesting ever since I heard about it a little over a month ago. Another theory that wasn't mentioned in the article (and I admit it is highly, highly unlikely, but still really cool) is that it could be a Dyson sphere being constructed by an advance species around a star for energy purposes. This could possibly explain the extreme light dip and the varying time durations. Can't wait to hear more as they investigate further.

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Looks like the CIA was doing experiments with remote viewers which are people with the psychic ability to view objects or places from afar. The CIA must have had success with it for them to take it seriously. On the CIA website, they have declassified a document through the freedom of information act and it is titled "Mars Exploration May 22, 1984". The CIA gave a remote viewer a series of coordinates and they didn't tell him they were on Mars. They gave him a sealed envelope before the interview which contained an index card. The card said "The planet Mars, time if interest approximately 1 million B.C." They just gave coordinates but he was not allowed to see what was inside until after his remote viewers reading. The first set was 40.89 n and 9.55 w. The interesting thing about these coordinates is that they are the Cydonia region on Mars with the "face and pyramids". The remote viewer said he saw a pyramid. He was given other coordinates on Mars and he said he saw dust storms and severe weather activity
Hey was asked to go back in time before the geological problems and the viewer described seeing large flat surfaces and megalithic walls. The viewer then goes on to say he saw tall, thin and very large people wearing strange clothes. He continues to see very large structures, walls and walls carved out of canyons. What really pinpointed that what he was seeing was on Mars is when he described seeing dust storms and severe cloud weather.

Here is the link:


There are so many give aways with the document that the government knows Mars was inhabited and that the face and pyramids at Cydonia are artificial. Over the years NASA has tried to cover that up because the more detailed the images they released over the years of the face, the more information was removed. There were less shadows in you can compare images and see they removed data to make it look natural and not like a face. But the interesting thing is that if it is natural, why was the CIA wanting remote viewers to see the Cydonia region and particularly over a million years ago? The session also proves remote viewing is real because the subject was given coordinates not being told where they were. The ancient Egyptians knew of past life on Mars. The interesting thing is that the Great Pyramids of Giza are located near Cairo. The name Cairo means "City of Mars" what's also interesting is that the pyramids and face on Mars seems to parallel the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt. The Pyramids in both locations are laid out to match constellations in the sky. The Great Pyramids of Giza are laid out to match the constellation of Orion as it appeared from Earth at 10,500 B.C. The Pyramids and face on Mars are laid out as an exact match of the Pleiades constellation 

Mars Cydonia region  vs. The Pleiades constellation.






Interesting correlation with the Egyptian Pyramids 




More of the Cydonia region. No way these are natural.





The face was discovered in the mid 1970s... but someone knew something in the 1950s.

Comic strip from 1958 



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