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Thread #06: LIMA, San Isidro's residentials

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Hello everyone, now its the chance to share new pics about a new district: San Isidro.

Even though San Isidro is mostly a financial district, there are luxurious and dense residencials zones with some low and mid -rises in the well-known El Golf zone..................

From the air, all these buildings surround a big park thats looks like New York's Central Park (it coincidently has a lake in the middle)......................The tallest residential reaches 26 floors followed by some 25-story-or-less buildings...........

enjoy the photos


the pic shows what is the tallest residential guy at 26 stories.....





Right side of this pic: tallest twin residentials in Lima for now....


Tallest twin residentials at 23 stories...


skyline of El Golf...................





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Are the blue buildings here painted or stained concrete, or is it some other surface? There are several concrete buildings in Providence that I would love to see have a painted or stained colour put on them, the grey of the concrete is just not working.

I like that though it appears there is a lot of concrete in these buidings, there are also some nice colour variations. From different earth tones on to things like blue.

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Great pics, and welcome to the forum! Though there is an awful lot of concrete on those buildings, it's nice to see that they colored the concrete in many different colors. I can think of more than a few buildings around here that would look so much better with different colors of concrete on them.

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