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Should we split Arizona into subforums?


Should there be Phoenix and Tucson subforums?  

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  1. 1. If you build it will they come?

    • Yes, Divide AZ topics between Phoenix and Tucson Subforums
    • NO, it will polarize discussion between the two cities?

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I'm really going back and forth in my head, as to whether or not I should appeal to the gods for AZ subforums. We are the busiest forum in the US West, we have more views than alot of states in other forums. But we still only have a small core of dedicated forumers. Right now the two most dedicated forumers are from Tucson, I feel if we split the forum we would lose that sense of community we have going. Sure it would create new ones, but I'd worry it would create that rift between first and second city. Whereas right now we're tit for tat, if we split, the Phoenicians would stay strictly in the valley, and the Tucsonans would recieve far less support.

I pride myself in our discussions here, in that we don't have that boisterism and envy that exists in other state forums. We seem to be fair about or likes and dislikes within the different state communities. I'm going to refrain from voting in this poll until more people weigh in. There are pro's to it as well. It could very well attract more forumers. It would be more organized, and it would be easier to track topics and events per region. The big question is, is AZ ready for it?

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Dividing it into sub-forums at this point would make me spend less time checking the Phoenix stuff, which I enjoy doing now because I learn much more than I inject.

But I think that our traffic still doesn't justify a move like this.

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agree with colin completely. and i voted 'no' for the very reason you gave in the 'no' response, matt.

i understand that a split forum would signify that the AZ board has grown in traffic (props to you for the effort to increase it this past year), but the downside to me is that i simply would not see things on mesa, phx, etc. if they did not catch my eye on the main forum. hell, i've only known about the regional sub-forums for about two weeks now, because i never had the presence of mind to click on 'southwest' or 'the south' on the main urbanplanet.org menu. things have to kinda jump out at me (i'm dense), and they wouldn't do that if they're not on the main AZ page.

but it says a lot about your work on and enthusiasm for growing this board, matt, that you even can legitimately ask a question like this now. it has gotten progressively busier since you've been a mod.

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it's a tit for tat thing, having all threads available in the main room helps out the traffic and viewing for both cities. Ben thanks for the props :). But mainly I feel like I just post fluff, It's rare that I find something meaty to post, we're fairly stagnant in our active members. After visiting a couple sites, I was a little down. There are AZ posters out there, people who r fairly active in posting, most of them are just not here :). I know that we can build on it . It's the highlight of my morning before work to get on here and go searching. ( I decided last week I need friend or a hobby, or both out here). I'd like to see AZ stay a single forum for now, but i'll leave the Idea on the table, and always as an option. Ultimately it's up to all of you. This is not my forum, it's everyones who posts here. I just am everybody's direct link to the gods. However, I'll really only consider active dedicated posters suggestions. Tho all comments are welcome.

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