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Charlotte Photo 04.19.2004

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These damn birds attacked me first of all. If there wouldn't have been a hotel next door I would probably have had these guys for dinner!


The aftermath of the attack!


Isn't she beautiful?


The King & Queen of Charlotte!




Looking towards Southend:








Rarely photographed:





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nice thread- some shots of midrises that aren't normally considered part of the skyline, but are in downtown. i can't wait till the arena and the learning center open to infill the hollow effect that ripples out from our cbd. the hearst is still my favorite building, even more than bofa. and i woulda beat the crap out of daffy.

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Great photo's Neo....yeah they should get rid of those geese somehow. I hear that the Wachovia CIC has hired dogs to roam the property and scare the geese away.

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Great nightime shots Neo! This one is great. Did you use a tripod?

Those geese have become a problem. I got chased one at work the other day.

They would have been better. I got lazy after dark. I forgot my camera at home Friday so I had to drive all the way to my home in Monroe from where I work in Concord then all the way back to Charlotte. Normally I can get downtown from where I work in about 15 minutes depending on traffic, but that's the average time it takes. Having to drive 30 minutes home and then another 35 or so downtown was just not in my plans...and then those damn geese got the best of me, LOL!

Anyways, back to the tripod question...yes and no. It was a tripod of sorts, a little tiny pocket tripod as a matter of fact. And I left my wide angle lense on my camera. Putting a cheaper lense on top of my Carl Zeiss lense makes for bad photos sometimes, mainly on the far left and right of the image; I should have taken the wide angle off. What I did was just go around parking lot to parking lot taking images with the car running. I just picked my camera up off the seat, got out with it running and put it all on the top of my car. My camera doesn't have a stabalizer lense nor can I get one...I don't even think there is a Sony model that has a lense like that. I should have turned the car off because I can tell the small vibration (not much, it's a Honda! :P ) messed with the image's sharpness. I'm still experimenting with night pics, they're hard as hell to get right and it's all up to the camera and lense you use. I had a real tripod in the car but it was about 9:30 when I snapped this pic and I was about ready to get home. Oh...and to top it all of I wore a new pair of sandles...not a good idea for first time use because within minutes I had a bleeding ankle or two. :blink:

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Those night shots are awesome. I'm suprised to see another Union County forumer.

Thanks so much! After looking at these I feel like I need a new camera, but I blame it on my faulty (or rather lazy) use of a tripod. monsoon...your camera has a stabalizer lense right? How well does it work at night?

appatone...what part of Union County are you? I'm just slightly north west of Monroe.

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