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National Economies vs AK, HI, PR, GU

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National Economies vs AK, HI, PR


Where do they rank globally? - You might be surprised....

These are 2004 Rankings of Gross Metropolitan Product of U.S. Metro Areas/States/Territories:

#116 Honolulu, HI: $37.9 Billion - Above Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Ecuador, Libya, Qatar, Tunisia, Guatemala, Oman, Bulgaria, etc

Anchorage, AK: $17.9 Billion - Above Sri Lanka, Cameroon, El Salvador, Cyprus, Cote d Ivoire, Kenya, Panama, etc

Fairbanks, AK: $4.6 Billion - Above Nicaragua, Cambodia, Madagascar, etc


#74 Puerto Rico: $78.8 Billion - I don't have any data for San Juan - Above Egypt, Pakistan, Romania, Peru, Ukraine, etc

#101 Hawaii: $50.3 Billion - Above Morocco, Vietnam, Slovakia, Cuba, Kazakhstan, etc

#120 Alaska: $34 Billion - Above Slovenia, Ecuador, Luxembourg, etc

#419 Guam: $4.5 Billion - Above Nicaragua, Cambodia, Madagascar, etc

For a full listing of other states and cities click HERE

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Here are some 2005 figures for GMPs

The list is HERE

#115 Honolulu, HI: $40.9 Billion - Above Libya, Croatia, Luxembourg, etc and above Birmingham, AL...Raleigh, NC, etc nationally

#173 Anchorage, AK: $20.5 Billion - Above Costa Rica, Kenya, Uruguay, etc and above Reno, Boise, etc nationally

#393 Fairbanks, AK: $5.3 Billion - Above Mali, Nicargaua, etc and above Decataur, IL... Bend, OR, etc nationally


#82 Puerto Rico: $82 Billion - Above Kuwait, Peru, Bangladesh, etc

#102 Hawaii: $54 Billion - Above Vietnam, Morocco, Slovakia, Qatar, etc

#117 Alaska: $39.3 Billion - Above Libya, Croatia, etc

#418 Guam: $4.8 Billion - Above, Congo, Republic of, Papua New Guinea, etc

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To be so small and not being a state I think PR does pretty well among world economies. PR ranks #5 in terms of pharmaceuticals and now we are looking forward to attract Aerospace and Biotech industries. If PR becomes a state (someday in this century) it could rank higher.

One question, in the map of the world, countries have different colors. What is the meaning of the colors?

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