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Spectrum Health Butterworth Lobby Renovation

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Let's See here....

We have under construction on Health Hill

VAI Phase II

Spectrum's New Cancer Center

The Medical Towers

Devos Children's Hospital

Woman's Health Clinic

MSU Med School on its way

Now the Spectrum's main Campus Lobby....

I'm beginning to think that the CEO of Spectrum is a construction geek's construction geek. The lobby looks good. Can't wait for Spectrum's web site to come back on line so I can see a hopefully larger rendering than what is posted on WZZM's website.

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Very nice. I like the warm colors on the wall inserts between the glass curtain walls. The canapy also gives out a welcoming atmosphere. That in mind I hope this new lobby tones down the forboding nature of the Butterowrth campus. I hope the lobby project includes some ped friendly features as Health Hill in general saverly lacks accessablility for pedestrians.

This project is even bigger than it looked on WZZM. $7.5 Million total, and will create a new 2 story lobby. Hopefully they minimize the "maze" you have to take from the parking garage to the lobby.



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