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Greensboro based Market America has its eyes on competing with amazon.com


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headquartered in Greensboro, the multinational corporation is a multilevel and Internet marketing firm, which has 110,000 independent distributors worldwide (similar to Amway). Valued at over $300 million the company is planning to add 250 high paying IT jobs in Greensboro. The company expect to become a billion dollar company over the next 5 years. Its already international with operations and Canada and Australia and plans to expand elsewhere in the world including in asia. Looks like a fortune 500 company in the making. The company hosts its international convention at the Greensboro Coliseum. Market America's main competition is Amway, Avon and Mannatech.

I would love to see the company expand to the point they need a new corporate headquarters building, hopefully downtown. The company currently has a 110,000 square foot headquarters. A building of that size in downtown Greensboro would be a highrise. Certainly this is more good news of high paying jobs coming to Greensboro on the heels of Honda Jet



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I know people well that are with Market America, and almost became a distributor myself until I learned more from a friend about how the company is run - and opted out. My opinion - MLM or not - is that Market America will never come close to experiencing even a fragment of the success of Amazon unless they hire an outside team to run the company.

If I remember correctly, they were also going to replace ebay with what they called America's Auctions. Oh, and they were going to compete with Vonage with their internet phone system, too.

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