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Non-Smoking Restaurants

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I thought we should list the establishments who are planning to stay smoke-free. Since the smoking ban is now lifted, I'm curious who will remain smoke-free.

I'll start with:


Restaurant O

Soby's on the Side

Blue Martini

I'm assuming that since Carl's restaurants were smoke-free before the ban, they will still be.

Please add to the list.

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Why couldn't something like this have been done before? Citizens and non-smoking businesses bringing market pressure to bear on this?

I glanced at the Greenville News story on the Judge's decision, over 80 comments, the vast majority totally inane and just throwing invectives at whatever stands in their way. Meanwhile thousands of dollars have been spent on taxpayer's expense on promotional banners, legal fees, time spent deliberating the issue, probable lost business for city restaurants and bars affected by the ban, etc.

Wouldn't it have been better for a citizen effort spearheaded by the same doctor's who pleaded with city council to ban smoking, along with non-smoking restaurants, private individuals, etc., to promote places that are non-smoking: businesses, restaurants, etc?

I don't smoke, never have, don't like it. But neither do I like local government over stepping its authority to interfere with private property rights, etc., like this ban did.

I encourage anyone who doesn't like smoking, or prefers non-smoking establishments to work for that effort with community values and market pressure, but I never have liked local government being the one to remedy a situation like this.

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Went downtown for lunch today and did some research:

Corner Pocket: smoking

City Tavern: smoking (not much of a surprise here)

Barley's: currently smoke-free but the bartender I talked to said they are discussing having smoking after the kitchen is closed

Oysters on the West End: currently smoke free, but may extend smoking to both outside decks rather than just the back one

Paris Cafe: smoke-free

Another one I thought of that has been smoke-free for some time: Sophisticated Palate.

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