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Morton House dumpster


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What is the deal with the dumpster cage that belongs to the Morton House.

That thing is disgusting. There is always trash hanging out, it looks awful and I hate walking past it.

I know they don't have a traditional alley to put this thing in but what other alternatives are there?

In all of downtown, that is the only place I know where they have a dumpster on the sidewalk...well except for maybe Z's.

This section of Ionia always gives me the creeps, even in the day time. I walk a block out of my way just to go down Ottawa.

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It doesn't help that Morton house is so dingy looking...I bet the facade hasn't been cleaned in decades, if ever. Oh, and I really like all of the air conditioners hanging by a thread way up there. I get scared walking under them. To take care of the trash...I have no clue.

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I'll say it now, I really like the Morton House building. It's not spectacular, but it's still a nice building and fits in well. I will agree, however, that the Ionia side needs major work and cleaning. I know from seeing Morton House from the northern side that it isn't a rectangular building, it's more of an L shape.. so I would imagine there's got to be some sort of an alley somewhere?

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