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Rooftop-Terrace Pics

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The Shaw Center for the Arts has been a important part of the revitalization of downtown Baton Rouge. On the 6th floor is the Tsunami restuarant (sushi bar). Outside is some of the best views of the city overlooking the river on the roof-top terrace. It is one of the coolest places to hang-out; and once was hip night time spot and place to be with live DJ's and music. However a few morons that could not handle their drinks trashing the place and acting stupid forced them to do away with the music.

Enterance to the Roof-top Terrace(partial view); across the street the Old State Capitol(left)


Barge on the Mighty Mississippi; renovated Hilton Capital Center


The I-10 Bridge; Belle of BR; USS Kidd; Irene W. Pennington planetarium; turret of Old State Capitol(left)


The State Capitol and the CBD


Looking toward the East above the trees; Mariott(center); Shaw Plaza(left); Jacobs Plaza(right)

*if you strain your eyes you can see United Plaza left of Shaw; and far right barely visible Bluebonnet Towers(almost touching WAFB TV Tower


Another view of the river with BR Landing (paper-clip on top of dock); planetarium and Louisiana Arts & Science Museum


Looking South toward Tiger Stadium; Kirby Smth Hall; Memorial Tower(left); I-10 ramp up the Mississippi River Bridge


Another view of the newly renovated Hilton Capitol Center and soon to be renovated King Hotel(right) that will get a new roof-top terrace of their own


From the 4th floor Terrace

Looking North between the two hotels at the Old U.S. 190 Bridge in the far background

*Once complete River Place condominiums will block the view of the bridge from this angle


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This place does offer some amazing views, I'll just admire the pictures. This is one place that will never get any of my hard earned cash! :dontknow:

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It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Don't let a ignorant few stop you. + you don't have to eat to go to the roof-top terrace; it's completely free to hangout and check-out the view, you can just walk right out there. Bryde is right, there was a good mix of people.

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Love that pictue of the Hilton. :thumsup:

That is ridiculous. And besides what are the employees supposed to say to the people" Oh sorry, the fire marshall says this area is at the maximum black capacity." :angry::sick:

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