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South/West Downtown


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Over the past couple of years I've tended to focus my photo threads on the core of Downtown Colorado Springs. From now on I'll be getting into other parts of downtown.

Yesterday I spent time on the block of South Tejon just south of Cimarron. It's really blossomed into one of the coolest area's of Downtown Colorado Springs in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, there was a cold wind yesterday, and it was only about Noon. Really, though, you get much better people pictures in the summer after 6 p.m.

Southside Johnny's is a popular downtown eatery.


I actually found out about things I didn't know existed yesterday, including this lounge at the back of South Side Johnny's.


The Coffee Exchange. Cool place... they market specifically to working professionals... there are flat screen monitors with news networks on, huge meeting tables, and you do actually see groups of business people holding meetings there.


McCabe's Tavern. I've never been but I've heard nothing but good things.


I'm not sure what Chuck Murphy is working on here. Hopefully something cool, LOL.


Across the street? Adult movies, video's, and books LOL.


I decided to wander a few blocks west to the Citygate demolition site.



It's amazing how they pretty much announced the project, announced demolition, and did it. Things don't usually move that quickly here... I'm hopeful construction will move just as quickly.


The back side of "The Warehouse"



... and the front.



I also wanted to hit the stretch of Sierra Madre Street that runs along the tracks, between the core of downtown and The Depot Arts District.





This old train depot houses a restaraunt. The city is considering building a new transit station here, near the tracks, in anticipation of future commuter rail. The plan includes moving the depot. You can imagine that has caused controversy. I don't know why they can't just incorporate the depot into their plans...


Further north and around the bend... an old Carnegie Library, now a part of The Penrose Public Library. Another point of contention. Pikes Peak Community College would like to construct a garage on that parking lot... but the library doesn't want the view of the recently restored Carnegie to be blocked.


I'll end this tour with the view of the 1st Bank Building from the library parking lot.


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I almost went tonight... I literally walked up to the door and looked in... but I decided to go to The Underground instead... LOL.

Oh... and if you're ever looking for a delicious hamburger and fries at the perfect proportion... go to The Avenue Bistro on Nevada, across from city hall. I went there for dinner tonight. It was great!

I also went and saw this tonight... some very powerful stuff...

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