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Lake Havasu City

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One more localized thread because I found an article of interest today:

Havasu's goal: curb spring-break 'wildness'

The city has become a haven for regional college kids partying during Spring Break. It supposedly gets pretty wild, and I know that the hotels get crazy expensive during that week.

I like that they put a Baptist reverend's quote in there though. "Skimpy bikinis", "stickers where their tops should be". SHOCKING!

But this represents another trend: the growth of the town has reduced its reliance on tourist dollars and its tolerance for this crowd.

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Yeah. Pool maintenance.

Lake Havasu doesn't really need much industry because most of its population is retired. Most of the working population is just low wage jobs. LHC also holds the record for highest recorded temp in the state. 127, I believe.

Why would anyone live here without being able to leave during the summer?

Welcome back, Erin!

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