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Made in S.C.: Products & Companies that began, are made, or headquartered here


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I've always found this topic interesting, and a source of state and local pride. What is S.C. famous for when it comes to consumer or industrial products, services, or companies (past or present)? Here are 20 I can think of to start (in no particular order):

1. BMW, Greer - the company's only manufacturing plant outside Europe. Makes the Z roadster and SUV.

2. Blackbaud, Charleston - the number 1 line of software for non-profits (fundraising and development)

3. Springs, Fort Mill - famous nationwide for its Springmaid linens and for its risque advertising of the 40s and 50s

4. Perception, Greenville - among the top brands of kayaks, and known worldwide

5. Texize, Greenville - formerly a consumer products powerhouse, with Fantastik, Spray 'n Wash, Pine Power, Glass Plus, and other household cleaners. Product lines bought by Dow Chemical, which then sold to Johnson Wax, who then had to divest two to Reckitt Benckiser to avoid anti-trust violations (whew!)

6. Duke's mayonnaise, Greenville - Began and still made in Greenville, owned by C.F. Sauer Co. (Sauer's spices) of Virginia. (The best and only mayo I buy!)

7. Shakespeare, Columbia - major brand of fishing gear has been home in Columbia for generations

8. Great Dane trailers, Greenville - this famous brand of semi-truck trailer began in Grnville, but moved to Savannah years ago.

9. Folbot, Charleston - this brand of foldable kayak has been big for years among the National Geographic set.

10. Extended Stay America, Spartanburg - well-known name to millions of travelers, built an impressive headquarters in downtown Sparklecity a few years ago.

11. Muzak, Fort Mill - annoying elevator music now a thing of the past, the now-hipper Muzak moved its headquarters to Fort Mill several years ago.

12. Denny's, Spartanburg - bought by TW Services, this California-born restaurant chain is thriving in S.C. Parent company changed names too much (TW Services, then Flagstar, then Advantica), but now focused on this powerhouse brand, and calling itself simply Denny's, thank goodness

13. Michelin, Greenville - North American headquarters for the French tire-maker

14. Uniroyal, Greenville - Michelin bought Uniroyal and moved its headquarters to its new hometown, and also . .

15. Goodrich, Greenville - Michelin bought the Goodrich brand of tire as well when it bought Uniroyal Goodrich.

16. Umbro, Greenville - this internationally famous brand of soccer apparel was at one time made and headquartered in Greenville. (Does anyone know its status today?)

17. Dunlop, Greenville - this renowned brand of sporting goods (not the tires, which is now a separate company) has its U.S. headquarters in Grnville, too.

18. Pepto-Bismol, Greenville - the world's supply of Pepto-Bismol USED to be made in the upstate until Procter & Gamble bought the brand and moved its production elsewhere.

19. Bi-Lo, Mauldin - though not national, this grocery store chain is still big in the surrounding states. Formerly owned by Ahold, a Belgian grocery behemoth, but now independent.

20. Beverage-Air, Spartanburg - this maker of commercial refrigeration is perhaps best known among bar patrons for keeping our beer cold! It is part of Carrier Corp., which is itself part of United Technologies Corp.

. . . and one more for good measure . . .

21. American LaFrance, Ladson - the fire truck manufacturer moved its world headquarters just outside Charleston a while back. Owned by Freightliner, the truck company, which is owned by DaimlerChrysler (or was.)

I'm sure there are many more you can add, right? BTW, let's not post those worthy chain restaurants not quite there yet, but we hope will soon be, i.e., Sticky Fingers, Wild Wings, Fatz, etc. (Oh, that reminds me of one I left off that IS national: Ryan's steakhouse, which is from Greenville.) :)

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Here's some to add:

Bic: Only location where White Out is made. Greenville/Simpsonville

Oobe: National brand of outdoor / sportswear. Headquartered in Greenville

Hincapie: National brand of cycling gear. Headquartered and manufactured in Greenville

World Acceptance: If you've ever taken out any kind of consumer loan, chances are you may have had it through World Acceptance. Major consumer loan company. Headquartered in Greenville.

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A very important company not mentioned is Milliken, which is based out of Spartanburg and operates numerous facilities in SC. They've invented such things such as the Under Armour material and other innovative everyday items. More than likely they made something that's on the interior of your car.

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Guardian Building Products: One of the largest names in the construction industry. It's products are used in commercial buildings throughout the world. Chances are you were in a buillding today with Guardian materials. Headquartered in Greenville.

Maxfli: the best golf ball. Were part of the Dunlop group but were sold to a California Company. Still manufactured at a couple of plants in the Upstate area.

Slazenger: Major brand of golf apparel. Based in Greenville.

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Milliken, Maxfli, Hubbell Lighting, and Wite-Out are good additions, thanks. The others are stretching it a bit . .

Here are some more:

Fujifilm in Greenwood is where the one-time use cameras are made, and also serves as North American headquarters for Fuji.

Park Seed, also in Greenwood, is a national known firm among gardeners for bedding plants.

Sonoco, a homegrown Hartsville company, is a major packaging company specializing in paper cans. If you use Pillsbury dough, Crisco shortening, frozen orange juice, Pringles potato chips, Planters peanuts, Ajax cleanser, or any type of caulk, you are holding a Sonoco can. In fact, Sonoco came up with the idea of putting potato chips in a can, for client Procter & Gamble, way back in the early 70s.

Keep 'em coming!

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I disagree.
  • Edwin McCain is widely known and his recordings, including the latest, are sold all over the world.

  • George Hincapie is a world-class athlete, probably known and appreciated more in Europe than anywhere else besides Greenville. His clothing and accessory line is very popular among the cycling community.

  • North American Rescue Products, one of the fastest growing companies in SC, produces a variety of valuable safety equipment for the military. They are headquartered in Greenville.

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It relates to UrbanPlanet because these products, services, or companies give each community a sense of place. We may not have Coca-Cola like Atlanta, or NASCAR like Charlotte, but we have some unique ones to call our own. There are quirky ones, too, which city residents are fiercely protective over. In many cases the original company vacated the property long ago, for example Baltimore has the Bromo-Seltzer Tower, and San Bernardino has the World's First McDonald's. These old landmarks are often put to creative adaptive reuse, and are much beloved city icons. Columbia has its own: Adluh Flour.

But more than that, the boost to the economy and the national exposure that our state and cities receive from these companies, many that are moving headquarters here, is a huge benefit. More and more companies are re-locating their headquarters to South Carolina everyday, which speaks volumes for our state's business climate and reputation.

So for me, it is definitely an issue for us on UP. I would like to hear more on other companies not already mentioned that are moving here, or who are sources of civic pride in their S.C. communities!

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