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1,100 acres in southern Harris County to be transformed into The Grove:

Two of Columbus' oldest and wealthiest families are joining forces to develop an 1,100-acre planned community in south Harris County. The Woodruff Companies and the children and grandchildren of W.C. Bradley are forming a partnership to develop The Grove, which will include nearly 2,200 residential units and more than 3 million square feet of commercial space along Ga. 315 east and Mountain Hill Road.

Housing prices are expected to start in the high $200,000 range and rise to over $1 million. It will include apartments, townhouses, patio homes, larger houses and estates on two or more acres. The project is expected to take 20-30 years to complete. To give people an idea of just how big this development is, it will be almost twice the size of the 600-acre, 550-unit Maple Ridge golf community, which includes a 180-acre golf course.

A conceptual master plan prepared by HighGrove Partners LLC of metro Atlanta shows that most of the residential development will concentrate on the east side of Mountain Hill Road, where two lakes totaling 27 acres are planned. There will be tracts for housing, a community club and greenspace. Nearly 30 acres is set aside for a public school.

The west side of Mountain Hill includes an 80-acre highway commercial tract extending to Ga. 315 and a high-density residential pod.

On the south side of Ga. 315 will be 80.5 acres for apartment/office or general manufacturing, 80 acres for highway commercial, a large area for apartments and another school site.

Here is the full article from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Harris County Development. There is also a site plan on the Ledger's website. If someone could get it to post that would be great!

Here are some of the details of The Grove:

803 single-family units with lots ranging from 2-plus acres to 60-ft. lots

262 high-density single-family lots

386 townhomes

730 apartment units

25 acres of parks

138 acres of greenway system

Two lakes totaling 27 acres

Community club

Community village with retail and services

Two school sites

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This is an optimal site for KIA workers and their families. The best part is the promise that it will NOT be like Columbus X-ing! Thank God for Harris County. With any luck it will not fall to mindless sprawl with cookie-cutter developments and strip malls.

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This is an optimal site for KIA workers and their families. The best part is the promise that it will NOT be like Columbus X-ing! Thank God for Harris County. With any luck it will not fall to mindless sprawl with cookie-cutter developments and strip malls.
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The Grove will have positive impact

Development in Harris County would generate tax revenue

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

The Grove, an 1,100-acre planned community in Harris County, eventually would generate more tax money than is in the entire county budget today, according to a report released this week.

The report, prepared in part by the Lower Chattahoochee Regional Development Center, shows that The Grove would generate more than $17 million a year in tax revenues when completed, which is expected to take 20-30 years. Harris County's entire general fund budget for 2008 is $15.4 million.

"The proposed action is in the best interest of the region and therefore of the state," the RDC report stated.

No area governments have expressed opposition, but some private citizens have expressed reservations about the project, which is to be built off Interstate 185 and Georgia Highway 315.

The development is a project of The Woodruff Companies and the children and grandchildren of W.C. Bradley Co. heir William B. Turner, who have formed a partnership to develop it.

The project is proposed to have 1,223 single-family homes, 630 apartments, 338 townhouses, 808,000 square feet of retail space, 84,000 square feet of office space and more than 1.5 million square feet of space in an office park. It would have land available for an elementary and a middle school, a 25,000-square-foot recreational facility, and 3,000 square feet for a civic or agency-type facility such as a U.S. Post Office, according to Doug Jefcoat, associate broker with W. C. Bradley Co. Real Estate Division.

The Harris County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on a rezoning application for the 1,100-acre tract at 7 p.m. today in the commission meeting room, Harris County Courthouse. The planning panel will vote on whether to recommend approval or disapproval of the zoning application after the public hearing. A decision is expected by the Harris County Commission July 3.

The RDC report found that the property is suitably located for such a project, with good highway access, but it will require public services, such as water and sewer, garbage collection and others. Estimates are that it would require 800,000 gallons of water daily, would produce 700,000 gallons of wastewater and sewage and 8,092 tons of solid waste annually.

Columbus Water Works is expected to run a sewer main to the Muscogee-Harris County line, with Harris County responsible for running that line up to the Ga. 315 area to send wastewater back to Columbus for treatment. The solid waste would be hauled to a landfill in LaGrange.

The estimated 6,000 residents would have a positive impact on existing businesses and industries in the area, generating demand for goods and services and creating jobs for builders and suppliers, the report shows.

The report projects that the development would generate about 3,518 inbound and 1,621 new outbound trips during the morning peak hour and about 2,170 new inbound and 4,058 outbound trips during the peak afternoon hour. The Georgia Department of Transportation and Street Smarts, a transportation engineering/planning form from Duluth, contributed to the report on traffic impact.

Half of the intersections in the area near the project are expected to operate at adequate levels of service, but improvements are recommended at Georgia Highway 219 and Ga. 315; the I-185 northbound and southbound ramps at Ga. 315. The intersection of a project access at Mountain Hill Road and Ga. 315 was analyzed as a roundabout, assuming the roundabout would have two lanes and a speed of 25 mph.

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Harris County approves County Water for the Project

Harris County Commissioners by a 3-1 vote Tuesday night approved an agreement with the developers to provide water and wastewater services to an 1,100-acre planned community called The Grove along Ga. 315 East and Mulberry Grove Road.

Commissioners had previously approved an agreement for Columbus Water Works to extend a sewer main to the Harris-Muscogee County line to receive raw sewage from The Grove, a Community Unit Planned Development planned by Mulberry Grove Development Co. LLC in Columbus.

Gordy Construction Co. of Columbus is expected to work with the Water Works project to complete extension of the sewer main to the Harris County line in May or June, said Water Works Executive Vice President Bob Tant.

"Our contract is to bring the sewer line from Heiferhorn Creek up Hubbard Road to Smith Road," said Tant. "We had a piece in the contract that called for additional work: the leg up Smith Road parallel with I-185 to the Harris-Muscogee County boundary. It will be finished sometime in May or June."

Harris County Manager Danny Bridges said once the developers sign the agreement with the county, engineers will finalize design for the system running from the Harris County line to the planned development. He said the agreement calls for developers to pay Harris County $200,000 annually for seven years, which will be used to help pay off a loan the county will need to finance its portion of the sewer line construction. The county still must work out project financing.

Mathews D. Swift, president of W.C. Bradley Co.'s Real Estate Division, called the decision, "another major milestone in the development of this project and another good example of public/private partnership that works so well in this community. We're excited we've gotten all three parties together -- Muscogee County, the developers and Harris County -- to effectuate a very large-scale development. We've still got to sign it but we have been in contact with Harris County commissioners and their attorney throughout this process. We are pretty sure the agreement that was passed will be signed by us. Once that's done, we're ready to proceed. It's still a two-year process for us. We're excited."

The Grove development is planned to include single-family houses, apartments, townhouses, retail and office space, parks, two lakes, a greenway system, community club and other amenities. It is expected to take 20-30 years to build it out.

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