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Plaque on Ann St.


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I wandered around downtown tonight for a few hours, and came across this sign on a building on Ann between Main and 5th. I'm just curious: does anybody know the significance of it? Or is it just meant to make me chuckle? (Which it did.) ^_^


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Does this mean the 4th Ward and historic comission will do everything in their power to protect this builidng where "nothing happened?" Mos definitely.

Does this mean that that the historic comission will continue to protect non-descript OLD houses from something bigger and better? YES, probably

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They're mock historical plaques that you can buy from Catalogues...


(and apparently ebay).

There was a parody of those signs on a Simpson Episode where the Simpsons visit China.

While in Tiananmen Square they see a sign that says ~ On This Sight in 1989 Nothing Happened.


God I love Google!

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