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What happened to Sewell Cadillac/Chevrolet?


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Place looks closed to me. I had heard rumors that they were going to close, but I figured it was just that... a rumor. But while driving downtown, I noticed the place is for sale and appears to be closed. I've bought a couple vehicles from Sewell and was always pleased. They always seemed busy. I know they probably had enourmous overhead with all of the remote garages that housed all of their vehicles. My guess is that increased insurance rates on their downtown properties ran them out of business. I can't find any news articles. What happened?

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The other GM dealers in the area decided to buy out the Sewell Dealership here with pressure from the main office in Detroit. Detroit ran the numbers based off what they gathered the population is...and decided that the area did not need as many dealerships. The local dealers banded together to purchase the Sewell property as a result. Since Sewell is based in Dallas, it made more sense for the local guys to remain open and close that location. The TP and Citybusiness both ran articles about this a couple of months ago.

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