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[Lexington] Linear park along Vine favored


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Council likes linear park idea

From the article --

1. Two-way streets slow and calm traffic, using Raleigh, NC as an example. It is more friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists.

2. Linear park favored by the council.

3. Converting from one- to two-way may face some hurdles.

4. 28-acre parking lot between High and Maxwell Streets (next to Rupp Arena) would make an ideal mixed-use community. A large chunk of South Hill was demoed in the 1970s for a gigantic surface parking lot. There are many new developments occurring within the central core.

Article information: "Council likes linear park idea, By Michelle Ku, Herald Leader, Wed, Mar. 14, 2007"

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Council hears task force pitch for 'The Vine'

This is good news! I was watching the proposal on GTV-3 and the amount of support for this is astounding! "The Vine" is a linear park proposal stretching from Triangle Park to Thoroughbred Park -- on the opposite ends of the downtown. "The Vine" can take many forms, from park running down the center of Vine Street to a canal, but the primary goal is to create more green space that will improve the quality of life.

Key --

1. If work on a design begins soon, a portion of the park from Triangle Park (at S. Broadway) to Limestone could be completed by 2010 - in time for Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

2. Council gave approval towards supporting the work of the task force and endorsed a planning study to determine what the park should look like.

2a. Still requires two official council readings for final approval -- which could happen by April 19!

3. The task force, formed in 2005, can then begin the planning and design study with $500,000. The money source is still yet to be determined.

3a. The task force studied other linear parks in other cities and saw how the projects were funded.

4. The linear park is part of the downtown mater plan.

Article information: "Council hears task force pitch for 'The Vine', By Michelle Ku, Herald-Leader, Wed, Mar. 28, 2007"

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