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New Report: Build more sprawl.


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A new report from a range of academics and business professionals propose that the Boston metro needs more sprawl, I mean starter homes of the single-family vareity, 20,000 new ones in the next few years to be exact. They recommend pricing between $250k and $400k, which in most states would be well beyond a started home. The propose the maximum size be 1,700 sq. ft. with density in the 5-7 dua range.

Scott Van Voorhis, the Herald columnist, attached a picture of Levittown as a model. Hopefully this was him inferring what they development pattern would be, rather than an actual suggestion by the "professionals". While I fully support new housing that is lower priced, and see demand for single-family, single-use subdivisons should be a thing of the past.

It would seem logical for some commercial use to be encouraged, for urban planning sake, as well as the fact that it would generate greater profit for land, and could help the developer provide the residential land at a lower cost.

Here is the article.


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Yes, let's build more middle class sprawl. Let's have everything inside 495 look like Long Island. And be completely unaffordable except for high paying Boston office workers. Great idea...

I'm gonna have to live in some place like Paxton at this rate, way beyond Worcester, just to afford anything near the northeast corridor.

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