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Is the "slash and burn" tax cut strategy hurting Michigan?


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"We can't simply cut our way out of economic difficulty" - Paul Hillegonds, retired Republican legislator

- Michigan has cut higher education spending by 13% over the past 4 years

- State and local taxes have been cut by $8 Billion ANNUALLY over the past 12 years

- State general fund levels are 40% less in inflation adjusted dollars than a decade ago

Hillegonds said lower taxes and spending have been accompanied by slower economic growth in Michigan.

"I am not suggesting our tax burden should be uncompetitive with other states," he said. "But tax policy should not undermine our ability to invest in the human and physical infrastructure necessary for economic growth: investments like higher education, early childhood learning, quality of life amenities, transportation and transit and vital urban centers,."

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He keeps talking like that they will take his GOP card away. Raising taxes is for the most part political suicide, lucky he is retired, but at this point if we want the cities and services we long for something has to be done. My sister recently moved to Portland OR even though she had a good job here. She moved for all the typical reasons; good transportation, lively downtown, and a more cosmopolitan feeling. We are going to have to do many things to make the state attractive and were going to have to pay for it somehow.

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