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Cureton Shopping Center in Waxhaw


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Lowe's Home Improvement is a completely different development project in the Waxhaw area.

Phase 1 of Cureton Town Center is complete and is the part anchored by the Harris Teeter. 3 of the outparcels, 2 banks and a CVS, are under construction.

Phase 2 is the "town center" part, and I believe has yet to begin construction.

In the siteplan, phase 2 is everything to the right of Cureton Parkway, as well as the 4 buildings facing Cureton Parkway to the left.


I believe what Carolinaman said is right, and that the Lowe's, the Carolina's Medical Center project, and maybe phase 2 of Cureton are all delayed because of the sewer problem along the 16 corridor near Waxhaw.

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