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Attention to retention (Lansing Economic Development Corporation)


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Lansing's in is tough times, but the Lansing EDC under the new leadeship of Bob Trezise is meeting these tough challenges with equally tough work, IMO. I like to see the city proactively (something rare, these days) trying to retain small business, as well as focusing on larger projects at the same time. Too often cities choose one approach over the other and end up losing out. They are increasing these meetings to 200 from 75.

Attention to retention

Smith, owner of Capitol Macintosh in Lansing, has no plans to move his shop from the city - or his Michigan Avenue storefront, for that matter.

But city economic development officials don't want to wait for him or other business owners to run into a problem that could push them into such a move.


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On an only mildly note, if you look at how the EDC divides up Lansing (their maps on their website), the designate the entire Eastside as "Midtown". lol I'd always called Michigan Avenue east of the railroad tracks Midtown, anyway, but it was just funny to see them label the entire eastside that way.

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