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Pictures of Portsmouth from Norfolk

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Okay, so I've been pinging the Norfolk events group for oh about two years now. I had an idea years ago, and was willing to work on it and practically give it to the city. An automation system that would allow the grand illuminations parade to be a bit more flashy, and to allow the city to light up in a synchronized manner every night. Nothing over the top, but it would look really killer if at dusk the buildings were brought on in a synchronized fashion and what not.

I get basically zero interest. They said they would like to talk, but this was only after I went thru the council.

So I got to thinking, maybe I should give the middle finger to Norfolk and talk to Portsmouth, VA ... the underdog. But I don't remember what their skyline looks like during the holiday. Does anyone have picutres of a holiday illuminated Portsmouth, from Norfolk?

There is a very very high likelyhood that the project would get CNN + other news coverage, definitly youtube and all that... worldwide attention on the city. It is a major bummer that Norfolk has no interest. I told them I was willing to design the entire thing for free, just wanted credit, and would prototype it myself and everything. They would have to fund the hardware for each building, but I could keep it really cheap.


I googled a bit but all the picutres I find are of Norfolk skyline, from Portsmouth.

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I don't think Portsmouth is worth lighting up until they get a serious skyline, if ever. I think I have similar ideas as you, but I haven't entertained them thoroughly. If you haven't, check out Hong Kong's Symphony of Lights on youtube, which I believe happens at 8pm everyday on both sides of its harbor, for inspiration to push your idea on the city/cities or get new ideas!

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