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[Bowling Green] Transpark near Mammoth Caves has... ONE tenant!


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Transpark slow to add tenants

Key --

1. This is the "Kentucky Trimodal Transpark" that was to include an airport and create 7000 jobs on more than 4000 acres.

2. $31 million invested.

3. After _three_ years, it has ONE tenant.

4. Another fine example of Patton's industrial park=job mentality. If you build it, will they come? A report by the Herald-Leader (see a forthcoming article from the archives) stated that there are many industrial parks in Kentucky that are empty or nearly empty as a result of a massive glut.

5. Building out will only pollute the groundwater that is VERY close to Mammoth Caves National Park.

Article information: "Transpark slow to add tenants, Dylan T. Lovan, Courier-Journal, Friday, March 16, 2007"

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The article says litigation has been ongoing unitl recently and that definitely will scare away many potential parties who might otherwise look at and be interested in the site for their operations. I have to agree with statements in the article, that if those issues are now resolved, that the site should have a much better chance of luring more industries. I thinkthe park should be given a few more years without litigation looming of its head to be called a true success or failure.

Thats not to say there is not a glut of substandard parks and specs in Kentucky, but good parks and spec facilities definitely are a key way to draw industry, esp. if the state and local governments have good business environments.

Also, the one new employer does employ 800, which is IMO is great success, as those type of large-scale manufacturing employers aren't too common anymore, so landing one is a big deal. I think given time the park should draw more tenants and more jobs, many probably good paying. Lets hope so at least.

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