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UP{sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}}Myrtle Beach Thread Directory

This thread is a way of collecting the important threads here on UP{sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}}Myrtle Beach and listing them in a somewhat organized manor. This will not be a list of every thread on UP{sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}}Myrtle Beach, but rather a list of the threads on the hottest topics that members, or someone new might want to find information on. This list will be updated from time to time as more topics of interest come up. Credit for this thread concept goes to Cotuit, who has created a similar page in the Providence Section.


A boardwalk for MB?

Conway Developments

Pavilion Closure

The Pointdexter

Hotels {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Dissapearing Doo-wop motels

Tallest Buildings in SC?


Interstate 73

Interstate 73 (SC Main Forum)

Myrtle Beach International Airport


Entertainment & Related


Margate Tower



Hard Rock Theme park

Teams & Groups

Pelicans Baseball

Events & Issues

Restaurants & Nightlife


Coastal Grand Mall

Colonial Mall

Myrtle Square Mall


MB Air Force Base Redevelopment

Other Developments

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UPDATE: The Myrtle Beach Forum was discontinued due to prolonged inactivity. The threads have been moved back into the main SC forum. This thread will stay pinned so that those threads can be quickly located.

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