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GE Smith's Aerospace having trouble finding workers


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(GE) Smith's Aerospace, which most people here know has a large engineering site and plant in Cascade, is adding 200 jobs in Asheville, NC and is having a hard time finding qualified machinists and manufacturing workers. With all the tool & die workers here in GR that might be out of work, and a very similar type machining labor force of over 2000 people at Howmet in Spring Lake, is there any reason why we shouldn't be luring this business to West Michigan, where (GE) Smith's already has a presence?


Pay is not bad at $12 - $16 hour to start.

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I gave my resume to them a couple times right after I graduated and never heard from them. Now I see them constantly posting ads for software engineers on Craigslist. Maybe they're really picky, but we have a hard time finding good quality programmers where I work, so I imagine they're in a similar boat. I guess people in my profession don't stick around Grand Rapids.

I'd consider working for them though. I know somebody else who works there and it sounds like a good solid company. My contact there says the GE buyout is potentially really good for the employees as there's the potential to advance beyond Smiths to GE itself.

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