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[Lexington] LexTran restores services, adds more

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Local transit system restores services, adds more

Key --

1. 2004-2005: 2.1 million boardings (w/ steep decline in service); 2006-2007: ~3.9 million boardings.

2. 2004-2005: 1.1 million miles traveled; 2006-2007: ~+2 million miles traveled.

3. In mid-2004, had to cut services by 33% as it was on the brink of collapse. In 2004, a transit tax was approved for Lexington.

4. By June, $9.1 million will be in the bank collecting interest.

5. Before the tax (2004), there are 56 full time operators. Today, it is 107 full-time operators and 3 part-time. An assistant general manager has been added, along with a person responsible for procurement and grants along with a new bookkeeper.

5a. Before the tax, there ewre 89 employed with Lextran. Today, that is 159.

6. In early 2005, there were 42 buses. Today, that has increased to 53, including two that are leased.

6a. 4 are 19-passenger busses; the remainder are 43-passenger busses.

Article information:: "Local transit system restores services, adds more, By Jennifer Hewlett, Herald-Leader [Lexington], Tue, Mar. 20, 2007"


Multimillion-dollar four-phase renovation project to begin soon

Renovations include the Transit Center stop on Vine Street and the maintaince garages on Loundon Avenue.

Article information:: "Multimillion-dollar four-phase renovation project to begin soon, By Jennifer Hewlett, Herald-Leader [Lexington], Tue, Mar. 20, 2007"

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